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A life of abundance is possible

The way you manage money can cultivate abundance in your life and the world. It all starts with reframing what money can do for you.

In traditional wealth management, the big financial firms complicate investment processes. They push products and dissolve transparency. This destructive cycle wastes people’s time, energy, and money. And the more exhaustion and scarcity that investors feel, the more money they chase to fulfill a sense of meaning and purpose.

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About Conscious Wealth Investing®

At Conscious Wealth Investing®, we’re a team of financial professionals who believe in the power of intention — and how wealth management can be a force for good. After working at larger firms, we realized that people need a better way to manage money that prioritizes their ability to be happy. So, we designed a new approach to investing that answers this call, Conscious Wealth Management®.

We’ve also seen how constructive wealth can be when all family members are engaged and living in harmony with an aligned vision. Our goal is to help you create this foundation and invest with purpose, so you remove what exhausts you and infuse what fulfills you.

Infuse what fulfills you with Conscious Wealth Management®

When wealth management is straightforward, you have full transparency into why you invest and complete ownership of the process. Rather than act from a place of scarcity — where “enough” is never enough — you stop using money as a vehicle to feel fulfilled. Instead, you invest in what enriches your life. 

And while money can’t buy happiness, changing your perspective on money just might unlock the joy you crave.

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The ONE Statement is where your planning begins

To live abundantly, you need to know your relationship with money. In fact, you may be amazed at what you and your family uncover and can unite over. Through the ONE Statement, you develop a single snapshot of your family’s priorities, values, dynamics, and intentions. This foundation guides how you invest and other financial decisions, like estate needs and tax priorities. From here, you create unity in your intentions for yourself, your family, and society.

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