Everything we do stems from one core belief: Conscious Wealth

Conscious Wealth is a framework and a mindset around money that allows you to focus on what matters: a life of growth and fulfillment for yourself, your family, and the world around you.

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Why Conscious Wealth?

The idea of “consciousness” is an awareness that seems otherworldly. It’s often seen as something only the old wise man on the mountain can attain. Meanwhile, “wealth” is viewed as a tangible element of the physical world, like the Kardashians or Carnegies. Together, these two polarities create a balanced, expansive view on the purpose of money, why we have it, and its attainability once we meet our basic needs.

Embracing Conscious Wealth doesn’t mean you need to become a minimalist or give away all your money. Quite the opposite, actually.

With this foundation, you move away from a scarcity mentality that keeps you chasing “more” and move into an abundance mindset.

You invest in what brings you joy in life — and what helps your family and communities thrive. You can be prosperous and fulfilled. You are enough.

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Deepen conversations at The Center for Conscious Wealth®

We believe so much in the power of Conscious Wealth that we founded The Center for Conscious Wealth®. At The Center, we help people engage in meaningful conversations about money and overcome challenges holding them back from harmony.

We work with families, business partners, and individuals to awaken an abundance mindset and unlock prosperity and unity for the future.


Reframe what wealth means to you

Conscious Wealth illustrates a new mindset around money and a framework for investing that’s also a call for reform in the financial services industry. Sharing lessons learned during his own journey, author Brandon Hatton helps readers develop a healthy relationship with money and awaken a life of abundance.

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