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Brandon Hatton

President, Chief Investment Officer

“When you know how much wealth is ‘enough’ and the impact you want to make in this world, then that reality becomes your benchmark. Hone-in on that number, and let go of the rest. You are the benchmark!”

Brandon Hatton began his career in the financial services industry working tirelessly at Merrill Lynch. His business proposition — and that of the industry overall — was simple: if clients gave him money, his goal was to make them more money. In this mission, he came across many people with seemingly unlimited financial means who were living unfulfilled lives. Despite their financial success, they were stuck chasing more in a vicious cycle of fear and insecurity.

Brandon knew a better way was not only possible — but necessary. His fixation on creating wealth had destroyed his own health, relationships, and sense of self. He then realized that, for many, in the quest to have “enough,” they often fail to realize that they are enough.

And so Brandon founded Conscious Wealth®, a mindset around money that allows people to focus on what matters: a life of growth and fulfillment. Through this framework, he empowers people to grow as individuals and families, and to find confidence in having enough money. This foundation frees them to live with purpose and create abundance and impact for themselves and their communities.

Contributor on various platforms, including the Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit, Chat With Leaders Podcast, Working on Wellbeing Podcast, and many more; Author of the book, Conscious Wealth: Money, Investing, and a Financial Awakening for the Person Who Has It All; A certified Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® and a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor®.

JP Foster

Conscious Wealth Manager®

“Money is abstract. When people live with a scarcity mindset, the fear of not having enough money or whatever you truly need can develop destructive tendencies. But, we can reframe what money means to us. Once we align our money with our values and purpose, we remove the fear and replace it with abundance.”

To JP, Conscious Wealth is about embracing life as a journey. His first ah-ha money moment came when he was 12 years old and digging ditches to buy a guitar. Once he saved enough money, JP proudly stepped up to the counter with a wad of $5 bills in his hand. But after sales tax, JP was nearly $100 short. His confidence plummeted — as did the value of his hard work. When a family friend stepped up to pay the difference, he was amazed by her act of kindness. At that point, JP saw the impact of using money for good and the abundance that generosity can foster.

Today, this mindset guides his career and how he supports our clients along their own financial journey. As a Conscious Wealth Manager®, he believes that one of the best things he can do for our clients is to simply be human — lead with compassion, be forthright, and invest in their wellbeing. He enjoys helping each person and family identify what brings them joy, and guiding them toward financial decisions rooted in this foundation.

Before joining our team, JP worked as a corporate financial analyst. While he mentally enjoyed the work, he knew he wanted to be able to make a difference in people’s lives. When he discovered Conscious Wealth Management®, JP felt that he found his calling and a way to be a force for good within society. He joined Conscious Wealth Investing and has never looked back.

JP holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science – Legal Studies from Kennesaw State University. He enjoys spending time with his loved ones, including three nieces and nephews he adores. JP also loves exploring his hometown of Atlanta with friends and finding a great tasting craft beer.

JP Foster headshot

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